Lapis lazuli ring plated gold 24k


Lapis lazuli ring  brass plated gold 24K .

This ring is Adjustable for all women .
Handmade creation

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Once upon a time, in a far-off kingdom, there was a magical lapis lazuli ring that shone like a star in the night sky. Its deep blue hue was so enchanting that it could capture the heart of anyone who laid their eyes on it.

One day, the ring found itself in the hands of a mischievous fairy who loved nothing more than to play pranks on unsuspecting humans. She decided to take the ring on a wild adventure, flying through the clouds and over the mountains until she stumbled upon a hidden cave.

Inside the cave, she discovered a golden fountain that shimmered like the sun. Without a second thought, she dipped the lapis lazuli ring into the fountain and watched as it transformed before her eyes. The once simple ring was now plated in gold, gleaming like a treasure fit for a king.

The fairy couldn’t believe her luck and decided to keep the ring for herself. She wore it proudly on her finger, showing it off to all the creatures in the forest. They were all amazed by its beauty and the magical powers it possessed.

As the years passed, the fairy grew tired of her solitary life and longed for companionship. She decided to seek out a human who could appreciate the ring’s wonder and share in her adventures. And so, she flew out of the forest and into the nearby town, where she found a young woman who was kind and brave.

The fairy knew that this woman was the one she had been searching for, and she gifted her the lapis lazuli ring plated in gold 24K. From that day on, the woman wore the ring with pride, and it brought her good luck and happiness wherever she went.

And so, the magical lapis lazuli ring plated in gold 24K became a symbol of hope and wonder, passed down through generations of adventurers and dreamers who believed in the magic of the world.



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